Ready, Steady, Ramble!

Well, that’s the last big training ramble done before we set off on Saturday. Thought I’d better test out the new camel pack (with a nice refreshing mix of tonic and gin 😜)!


Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – with online donations and offline pledges we’re up to £4k so far which is epic! My aim is £10k though so please keep liking and sharing.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, apprehensive and under immense pressure right now. But mostly, I am astounded by the generosity of all those who are helping with lifts, horses (I’m riding one stretch with the Riding for the Disabled Association), water carriers, doggy day care, food and God knows what else. Its been like planning a military operation. I didn’t realise the scale of the task when I first dreamt this up so massive thanks 😊.

Biggest thumbs up to my husband, Jake. He has been there through the tears, the pain, the self doubt, cold and rain over the last 5 months and amazingly, hasn’t started divorce proceedings. I’m sure he’ll be cursing his stupid wife and her stupid ideas as we approach the finish line….

It’s been an interesting time with training advice from former Olympic Athlete David Hemery CBE and a Country Rambles Radio programme with Clare Balding on BBC Radio 4, due to air in September. Check us out mingling with the stars!

Country Ramble


Most interesting of all is the positive effect all this exercise has had on my legs. At the start of this it was hell. It was hard work, it hurt and I cried. A lot. 5 months in and I feel the best I’ve ever felt since my diagnosis. My legs still get painful but nowhere near as often and my recovery time is way down. My legs are starting to feel like mine again and that is a feeling I haven’t had for 3 years!

What if the MonSter rears its ugly head on the walk? Well, my husband has a plan for that..

Jo_Fielder_Ridgeway_009a (1280x853)

Right, enough of this rambling on, see you guys on Facebook over the next week or so and if anyone wants to sponsor, please CLICK HERE.

Oh, and if you want to follow our progress on facebook, you can find us here JO FIELDER

See you on the other side – of the country!

#lambournrda #mssociety #thisgirlcan

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