Me and my MonSter

One crazy lady with Multiple Sclerosis. 87 miles. 7 consecutive days. This is not going to be easy!

BIG NEWS!: Me and my MS MonSter are going for a walk. A very, very long walk.

On June 10th 2017, I am going to embark on an epic hike along the The Ridgeway National Trail. That’s 87 miles in 7 consecutive days. Which is about 12 and a half miles a day. That’s almost a half marathon every day for a week. For some, this might sound like a walk in the park. But when you have an MS MonSter in tow, trust me, this is not going to be easy! I will also horse-ride a short section when I go past my local branch of the Riding for the Disabled Association. They are based on The Ridgeway so it would be rude not to!

My main symptoms manifest in my legs and are exacerbated by exercise, particularly walking long distances. That and chronic fatigue. Sometimes I can’t walk anywhere at all! However, I am lucky that when I am well, I can still walk some distance but I am also aware that this may not always be the case. I have always wanted to walk The Ridgeway so I’d better get on with it!

So far my plan has been greeted with much eye rolling, exclamations of ‘are you mad?’, ‘is that wise?’, ‘I’m not sure that’s a good idea’..

Well yes, I’m clearly mad. No, it is not wise. Yes, it’s a fabulous idea! You all know I have Multiple Sclerosis. Most of you know how that might look for me, and many others, in years to come. It is degenerative and incurable. But so much exciting research is going on at the moment and I am really positive that, with a bit more funding, they will find a cure. So I am going to walk my little legs off to raise funds for this research through the MS Society.

I am also raising funds for the Lambourn branch of Riding for the Disabled Association. They have completely changed my life, my outlook, my physical capability and welcomed me with open arms.

All I ask is that you like, share, tweet and donate if you can. I want this to be the biggest fundraiser I ever do while I still have the energy and capability to do it. I have been trying to train for this since January and I can safely say it will be challenging indeed!

Thankyou, you lovely lot. Love Jo xx

Please click here to visit the fundraising page




Special thanks to my sponsors #ariateurope
Monster illustration by RDM Agency Ltd.
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6 thoughts on “Me and my MonSter”

  1. What a task to take on! I also have MS and live in Chinnor and travel a bit on the Ridgeway on my mobility scooter so would love to be there to cheer you on if you let me know when you’ll be passing by!


    1. Hi Sarah – thank you! I’ll update the blog and my facebook page as I go along. Trying to set up some sort of GPS thingy at the mo so I can be tracked! And thank you for your generous donation, very kind indeed. xx


  2. WOW!!! What can I say! I don’t know you, but I don’t think you’re mad, or not wise, I think what you are embarking on is truly admirable and inspirational.
    I’ve been following your blog from the start, and after receiving an MS diagnosis a few weeks ago after 3 years of tests, scans, it could be this it, could be that, I have come to realise that it could be so much worse. I have good and bad days, and I wasn’t sure about posting a comment, but I felt you should know the impact you’ve had on me. Your positivity has kept me going and to read that you’re taking the MonSter by the balls is just the extra bit of positivity and perseverance I need right now to do the same. (the ball grabbing, not the marathon walk…)!
    It’s going to be bloody hard work for you, but you’ll do it.
    Wishing you lots and lots of luck and energy for the training, and I’ll be donating too!
    Keep going, keep blogging, and stay positive!!
    Huge hugs to you. X


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